Production of thermoelectric modules
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Thermoelectric coolers for radio electronics (microcoolers)

Applied as mini and microcoolers in the systems of thermo stabilization of microchips, semiconductor lasers, photodetectors and other temperature sensitive elements and components of electronic devices.

Main fields of application

Thermoelectric coolers for radio electronics (microcoolers)

Microwave techniques

  • cooling of the input stages of the high sensitive receivers and amplifiers
  • thermostabilization of the paramps


  • contact cooling of semiconductor lasers, infrared detectors, CCD- matrix
  • miniconditioners for photomultipliers

Special computer engineering

  • microprocessor coolers

Technological features:

We also offer thermoelectric coolers installed or directly integrated into the standard— ТО (ТО3, ТО8 etc), HHL, DIL, butterfly or special bodies.

Environmental Safety Features

According to RoHS directive requirements, thermoelectric coolers do not contain lead or any other forbidden materials. 

Abbreviations and definitions

TEC thermoelectric cooler
TGM thermoelectric generating module
DTmax maximum achievable temperature difference between the hot and cold side of a thermoelectric cooler
Imax input current through a thermoelectric cooler resulting in greatest DT (DTmax)
Umax voltage on a thermoelectric cooler contacts at DTmax
Qmax maximum cooling capacity of a thermoelectric cooler. It is determined at maximum current through a thermoelectric cooler and at zero temperature difference between hot and cold sides
Rac electric resistance of a thermoelectric cooler measured at an alternating current with the frequency of 1 kHz