Production of thermoelectric modules
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At present thermoelectric coolers are extensively used in such high-technology fields as telecommunications, electronics, medicine, and others. Thermoelectric coolers are also widely used in such consumer goods as portable refrigerators, freezers, water coolers, compact air conditioners, etc.

Great promise is offered by the use of TECs for energy generation. A thermoelectric generator allows electricity to be obtained from any heat source.


Basic applications of thermoelectric coolers and assemblies:

  • radio electronics - miniature coolers for electronic instruments
  • medicine - portable thermostats, medical instruments and equipment
  • scientific and laboratory equipment
  • consumer goods – portable refrigerators, water coolers etc.
  • air-conditioning systems - thermoelectric conditioners, devices for temperature stabilization of electronic units, etc.


Benefits of thermoelectric coolers:

  • no moving elements
  • environmental safety
  • no working fluids and gases
  • low-noise operation
  • reduced size and weight
  • smooth and fine adjustment of cooling capacity and temperature
  • easy switching from cooling to heating mode.


All these advantages make thermoelectric coolers highly popular, that is confirmed by a growing demand for these components all over the world.