Production of thermoelectric modules
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the construction site, 20.04.2018
SEZ Novoorlovskaya, the construction site of the company, 09:54:01 20.04.2018

General information about the SEZ "Novoorlovskaya"

Our construction plot is located in the SEZ "Novoorlovskaya". At the end of 2005, in compliance with the Government Decree number 780, the special economic zone "Novoorlovskaya" was established. This zone is located next to a large scientific and educational center of the Russian Academy of Sciences and has the technological specifics. Residents of the SEZ "Novoorlovskaya" are representatives of business innovation and hi-tech production.

  • The special economic zone "Novoorlovskaya" occupies — 110.4 ha. Located in St Petersburg’s Primorsky District
  • The total amount of government investment in the creation of special economic zones in St. Petersburg is - 25 968 mln. RUB.

Location of the construction area