Production of thermoelectric modules
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Thermoelectric generators TEG-5 and TEG-7 operating on the superheated steam thermal energy

Thermoelectric generators TEG-5 and TEG-7 are designed for the direct conversion of steam heat energy into electrical power and provides continuous running without supervision for its work. TEG-5 and TEG-7 are designed to supply the equipment with electricity voltage 24V and current of 0,21 A.

The main application, TEG-5 and TEG-7 has found in the field of steam pipeline telemetry (flow, pressure, properties of steam etc.). The design can be tailored for specific telemetry solutions of power supply for customers' facilities.


Specifications of TEG-5 and TEG-7

Parameter nameTEG-5TEG-7
Output voltage, V 24 24
Оutput power, not less than, W 5 7
Steam temperature in the installation site, °C from 180 to 280 from 119 to 190
Length of heat receiver, mm 700 700
Weight, kg, not more than 63 63
Оperating temperature range, °С from – 50 to + 40°С from – 50 to + 40°С
Length of he output armored cable, not less than, mm 1000 1000
Outer diameter of the pipeline, mm 108 108
Ingress protection rating according to DIN 400500 and EN 60529 IP65 IP65