Production of thermoelectric modules
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Thermoelectric power generators powered by gas fuel

«Easy to install, simple to use»

Gas fuel Thermoelectric Generators (GTEGs) are low possession and maintenance costs, extremely reliable standalone electric DC power sources, running on natural gas, propane or propane-butane mixture combustion.
Thermoelectricity allows directly convert heat energy from gas burning into electric power. This solid-state technology does not require mechanical moving parts and do not results mechanical wear. It could be applied at any remote location were traditional AC electric power lines are not available and at which presence gas fuel.
Today GTEGs are powering:
- cathodic protection equipment of gas pipelines, well sites, offshore platforms, oil & gas infrastructure critical objects according to NACE standards requirements
- consumption meters, gas detectors, data gathering and transmitting equipment for monitoring and remote control.

The core part of GTEGs is hermetically capsulated thermoelectric module, contains an array of semiconductor medium temperature thermoelectric materials elements. Originally created for Space applications medium temperature thermoelectric modules ensure highest reliability and efficiency in the field of thermoelectric devices.

To satisfy the requirements of most common GTEGs applications several variants of thermoelectric generators are available:

All GTEGs have stainless steel housing and could be combined to power applications requiring up to 5000W of electricity. GTEGs are continuously operating without battery power systems, however in some applications batteries could be applied to cover peak electric loads or to provide emergency backup.
Also KRYOTHERM supply complete turnkey continuous operation systems according to customer requirements.

KRYOTHERM is world leading supplier of remote power systems based on thermoelectric generation in more than 50 countries by direct delivery or by incorporated into OEM products GTEG units.





Examples of GTEG applications.