Production of thermoelectric modules
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Thermoelectric generator TEG - 15 operating on gas fuel

The thermoelectric generator TEG -15 operating on gas fuel used to provide the electric power for equipment of gas distribution stations by converting thermal energy from the combustion of gas fuels into electricity.

Thermoelectric power generator TEG-15 allow to:

  • create a simple and reliable electric power source for supplying, gathering and transmitting data systems, stand alone from the external energy sources;
  • reduce costs by eliminating the need to connect with the regular electric power lines.
Length, mm, not more than 300
Width, mm, not more than 600
Height without gas-collecting system, mm, not more than 600
Overall height, mm, not more than including gas-collecting system 3300
Weight, not more than, kg (without rechargeable battery) 30
Output, voltage, V 12/24
Output power, W 15
Operating mode Сontinuous
Fuel Natural gas
Fuel consumption, cubic meter per hour 0,16-0,25
Rechargeable batteries parameters 2 pcs.,12 (V), 63 (A/h) (e.g. D39, Varta)