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  • All-Russia Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Prime-Minister of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has visited on January, 14 All-Russia Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) assembly, dedicated to sizing up of the results of year 2009 and targets setting for the year 2010. Government executive has visited exhibition of modern rescue equipment, acquainted with the newest technologies in the field of rescue and security, which are used at FEMA and indicated districts for further activity increasing.

The tour of exhibition Mr. Putin has started from the tent, which is intended for provisional asylum for suffered in emergency situations persons. The head of FEMA Sergey Shoygu has reported, that the tent is accounted for minus 45 degree Celsius and could accommodate up to 10…12 persons. Special attention was paid for special oven-generator.

«After 15 minutes from the starting it begin to generate current with 12Volt voltage, that allow to charge mobile phone and other equipment» - reported minister, underlined that tent and oven-generator were produced in Russia.