Production of thermoelectric modules
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  • Thermoelectric modules for power generation

Thermoelectric modules for power generation

Low temperature generating module


Medium temperature generating module Mars series

Nations the world over are actively searching for alternative, clean energy sources. Using thermoelectric modules to generate electro-energy is becoming a vital, valid choice. Interest in energy sources such as thermoelectric generating modules is warming because of the latest achievements in the sphere of thermoelectric technology and constructions. Here are a few hints how to convert heat energy into electrical energy in your application with best efficiency.

Main fields of application:

Among main spheres of TGM application the following can be singled out:

  • utilization of worthless heat at transport installations (automobiles, ships)
  • autonomic supply of energy to electronic blocks for water boilers and disposal plants
  • cathodic protection of the oil and gas pipelines
  • conversion of natural heat resources - geothermal waters, etc into electric energy
  • autonomic power supply of low-power electric devices.





Abbreviations and definitions

TEC thermoelectric cooler
TGM thermoelectric generating module
DTmax maximum achievable temperature difference between the hot and cold side of a thermoelectric cooler
Imax input current through a thermoelectric cooler resulting in greatest DT (DTmax)
Umax voltage on a thermoelectric cooler contacts at DTmax
Qmax maximum cooling capacity of a thermoelectric cooler. It is determined at maximum current through a thermoelectric cooler and at zero temperature difference between hot and cold sides
Rac electric resistance of a thermoelectric cooler measured at an alternating current with the frequency of 1 kHz