Production of thermoelectric modules
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Rambler's Top100

We sincerely believe that success begins with the foundation of a quality product. Thus along with competitive prices, you will discover superior quality in Kryotherm thermoelectric modules and related subsystems. With over forty decades of thermoelectric knowledge and experience, our professional staff worked out Quality Policy to be approved by Board of Directors February 12, 1996, and to be pursued ever since.

Our Quality Policy is targeted at

  • Improving the products' technical properties to fully meet or exceed our customer's expectations, thereby contributing to their success;
  • Improving the goods quality by eliminating any manufacturing defects, raising personnel awareness and updating manufacturing processes;
  • Making our Quality Control System conform to international quality standards;
  • Analyzing and processing data on the products quality and customer's feedback to make further improvements to Kryotherm Quality Control System.

Kryotherm Top Management shall be responsible for the products' quality thus implementing Total Quality Management at all the stages of the manufacturing and business processes.

Kryotherm guarantees that it manufactures thermoelectric modules and related subsystems in full accordance with the company's normative documents and customer's technical specifications. Kryotherm does its best meeting our customer's requirements stipulated in Purchase Orders. We also state that our product items exhibit superior standards of workmanship.