Production of thermoelectric modules
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Multipurpose thermoelectric generator B25-12 (М)

Multipurpose TEG B25-12 (М) from «KRYOTHERM» enables to:

  • obtain stand-alone, simple and reliable source of electric energy;
  • charge of mobile phones’ accumulator, pocket computer, digital camera etc.
  • watch TV, listen to the radio, use DVD players;
  • work with notebook.

All this could be done without main power supply, just one requirement - the upright surface with dimensions 25 х 25 cm heated by wood burning. TEG B25-12(М) provides continuous round-the-clock service without maintenance for its’ operation.

Thermoelectrical power generators Thermoelectrical power generators Thermoelectrical power generators

The main technical characteristics of TEG B25-12(М)

Length, mm 252
Width, mm 252
Height, mm 170
Weight, kg, not more 8.5
Output voltage, V 12
Output power, W, not less  25
Operationg conditions continuous service
Temperature of heated area, C, not more 300

Lifetime of TEG B25-12(М) – not less than 10 years.