Production of thermoelectric modules
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Thermoelectric coolers for domestic cooling devices

Meant to be used in domestic devices, oriented towards mass consumer and produced in large quantities.

Main fields of application:

  • portable automobile refrigerators and picnic boxes
  • drinking water and tonic coolers
  • thermoelectric refrigerators and minibars 
  • wine cabinets and beer coolers
  • make-up mini refrigerators. 

Technological features:

The high performance of the thermoelectric coolers, produced by Kryotherm company allows the customers to increase the rate of cooling and reach a larger temperature difference in relation to the environment. Thermoelectric coolers are optimized for source voltage 12 V and perform high cooling power at low power consumption.

wine cabinets and beer coolers  portable automobile refrigerators and picnic boxes  make-up mini refrigerators  drinking water and tonic coolers

Abbreviations and definitions

TEC thermoelectric cooler
TGM thermoelectric generating module
DTmax maximum achievable temperature difference between the hot and cold side of a thermoelectric cooler
Imax input current through a thermoelectric cooler resulting in greatest DT (DTmax)
Umax voltage on a thermoelectric cooler contacts at DTmax
Qmax maximum cooling capacity of a thermoelectric cooler. It is determined at maximum current through a thermoelectric cooler and at zero temperature difference between hot and cold sides
Rac electric resistance of a thermoelectric cooler measured at an alternating current with the frequency of 1 kHz